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The Beatles take over iTunes chart

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beatlesAs most of the world knows by now, the Beatles have officially made the jump to the digital world as their music became available Tuesday on iTunes.

While there were many who must have seen dollar sign, expecting the music to dominate the top ten, the fact is that the Beatles’ music is doing well but isn’t able to compete with the Ke$has, Katy Perrys and Gweneth Paltrows of the world (yes, Gweneth Paltrow’s version of Cee-Lo Greens’ Forget You from last night’s Glee episode is currently number three). Fifteen hours after going on sale, the highest any Fab Four song currently stands at number 22 (Here Comes the Sun); however, the group’s tracks currently hold a little over a quarter of all the positions in the top 200.

At one time, there was actual wagering in England on what would be the most popular songs downloaded once they became available so, if you had a bet made, here’s the current rangings. Note that the iTunes chart is not perfect as two songs are listed twice, depending on where they where chosen for download.

Here Comes the Sun (#22 on iTunes chart)
Let it Be (From the Let It Be) (#29)
In My Life (#31)
Blackbird (#36)
Come Together (#40)
Hey Jude (#59)
With a Little Help From My Friends (#62)
Twist & Shout (From Please Please Me) (#67)
Let it Be (From the Beatles Box) (#68)
While My Guitar Gently Weeps (#75)
Eleanor Rigby (#78)
I Saw Her Standing There (#79)
A Day in the Life (#81)
Twist & Shout (From the Beatles Box) (#83)
Yesterday (#84)
Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds (#89)
Yesterday (#90)
Something (#93)
Help! (#96)
Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da (#98)

The albums are also doing well, charting much as they did a year ago when the reissues came out. All of the albums are currently in the top fifty.

Abbey Road (#6)
The Beatles (White Album) (#8)
Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (#9)
The Beatles Box (#12)
1967-1970 (#16)
1962-1966 (#18)
Rubber Soul (#19)
Magical Mystery Tour (#20)
Revolver (#21)
Let It Be (#25)
A Hard Day’s Night (#27)
Please Please Me (#28)
Help! (#30)
With the Beatles (#32)
Past Masters 1 & 2 (#35)
Beatles For Sale (#39)
Yellow Submarine (#49)

Surprisingly, in England, only 34 cuts are currently in their iTunes top 200.

Hey Jude (#36)
Twist & Shout (#55)
Let It Be (#56)
Here Comes the Sun (#59)
Blackbird (#84)
In My Life (#86)
I Saw Her Standing There (#91)
A Day in the Life (#96)
Help! (#100)
Hey Jude (#103)

The albums in England:

1967-1970 (#17)
1962-1966 (#21)
Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (#22)
Abbey Road (#31)
The Beatles (White Album) (#34)

Beyonce ad banned by advertising watchdog

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Beyonce_96_COLORBritain’s advertising watchdog the Advertising Standards Authority have deemed an ad for Beyonce’s new fragrance ‘Heat’ to be unsuitable for children.

The campaign sparked a number of complaints to ASA from people who said that their children had seen the ad during family programing.

In a statement, the perfume company Coty UK said that the ad was ‘intended to reflect the singer Beyonce’s personal ‘sexy chic’ style,’ adding that it was not ‘overtly graphic or explicitly sexual’.

ASA weren’t convinced, however, and have ruled that the ad can no longer be shown before 7:30pm because of the camera’s ‘prolonged focus on shots of her dress slipping away to partially expose her breasts’.